When Women STEM

Introducing and Inspiring Girls with STEM

STEM is for boys everyone

Did you know women make up only 28% of the STEM field? Why, you may ask. The lack of women in these fields may be due to the lack of role models, social bias, stereotypes, among other reasons. Stereotype threats, when someone feels they are at risk of conforming to a certain stereotype, can also be detrimental to this gender gap.

What is the Solution?

How do we fix this?

Society instills the message that “STEM is for boys” everywhere- toys, TV shows, etc. Although we cannot combat social bias or stereotypes, if we can introduce a contradicting statement, “STEM is for everyone,” inspire them with role models, and show them how exciting STEM can be, then I believe these girls, all grown-up, will have the support and encouragement to pursue their dreams.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Discover the Opportunities


Role Model Interviews

Recorded Experiments

Recorded Q&A Zooms

Interactive Experiences

In-person Meetings

Live Experiments

At-home, safe and FUN experiments conducted by your child and us, a science team!

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Q&A sessions

A Q&A session with a few sucessful, intresting women in the STEM fields, like a candy developer, ape researcher, fashion software engineer, game developer, CEO of “Vidcode,” and the founder of “The Next IT girl”

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