Role Model Interviews

More videos to come, enjoy these for now!

Kelly Reina

Former Ape Researcher

Leandra Tejedor

Cofounder of Vidcode and Game Developer

Napiya Nubuya

Founder of The Next IT Girl and IT professional at Instacart

Ritu Raman

Biohybrid Engineer at MIT’s Langer Lab

Kay Savage

Data Scientist/Product Insights Manager at Spotify

Magan Lewis

Integrated Field Sciences Global Field Innovation Lead at Corteva Agriscience

Parima Faquiri

Coder at Code to Inspire

Allie Diracles

Cofounder and CEO of Vidcode

Rebecca Weiner

Senior Scientist at candy making company, Mars

Beatris Mendez Gandica

Founder of Nuevo Foundation and Program Manager at Microsoft

Kaixi Wu

Software Engineer at Rent The Runway

Lisa Seaney

Senior Patent Liaison at AbbVie

Kathleen Murauski

Senior Scientist at AbbVie

Sara Plowman

MD Scientist 1 at Now Foods